Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So as never to forget this evening:

From My Diaries: 18th of Feb. 2009

When Wednesdays get better!! (Believe it or not) :D

I think it all started when I heard Um Kalthoum in the background! Though I could never recognise the words..since I was in such a hurry.. but I was happy that she was blessing the start of such an amazing evening to come! :)

I was there..back to all sweet moments…! The glittery stuff..the oriental smell of herbs…where I used to go with my granny… it was all there..I was like the little one there..I was definite that my heart was hopping of joy at that moment…It also reminded me of the sweet cosy tours I had with Azza in luxor and Aswan! And now I was there..with a very nice company! And it was just such a beautiful start of the evening..:)

And then the talk…the listening, the laughter, the green plant....The Ever-Green! …:)

What could be more amazing than listening to such a wonderful place?! Another beautiful blessing…once I stepped in she was saying " 7'leena 7'leena w tesb2na el seneen" that very phrase that wishes to halt all time…for the sake of the moment!But instead I halted the whole evening in a photo ! A photo that would remind me of an amazing evening and a wonderful company!
The place: Wekalet el Ghori ! It is so warm…so oriental..much the style I like! I could have died happily at this moment..with that adorable Fayrouzian list… and the beautiful warm lights there!!
And again it was the talk..I could have sounded depressing at times...lunatic at others... But I enjoyed it!

And then it all started…I've never seen anything like it! WOW! How they enjoyed what they were doing! El Tanoura is indeed just like you go into those twirls and swirls..till the light ignites your soul!! I was amazed indeed…and "el madda7" really shook me from the inside..but in such a beautiful way…! It was such a moment of purgation indeed! And the colours,, I only said to was rainbow-like!! And when they were in was just like fallen from heaven!!! I was all the time mouth-opened and amazed…I mean I've never seen anything like it..and how it was so refreshing..and ever-green :)

The weather was superb..the evening was superb..the whole experience was superb , alhamdulelah!

Definitely…you make my Wednesday's better! The Venom of the ugly witch never lasts on such special Wednesdays! The Wednesday curse is alhamdulelah broken :D

…"shukran ad el donya" :)
p.s. Next time, I have to kindap Nouran, Azza, Mona, and Razan to that warm place! Who knows..may be "7'leena 7'leena tesb2na el seneen" there ! :)


Nour said...

إخطفني ياللي تحبني ع الحصان


Youssef said...

what a wonderful city , it has a magic indefinite power that crush people sometimes or raise them to heaven saving thier soules another , I know the place u have talken about and know about other magic places widespreading in mystic corners at this sad city , I might touch how do u felt there , wishing wonderful coming days for u

Epitaph1987 said...

اه ما صدقتي انتي

It's indeed wonderful..if we only know how to enjoy our moments around! We're gifted..but we do not enjoy it though! Thank you indeed! Wish you all the same, away from the sadness of the city! :)

ahmEd_H said...

glad u enjoyed your night :)
thanks for everything

Epitaph1987 said...

How blessed I live and have such an amazing evening! I'm so grateful to God for it, alhamdulelah! :))