Friday, August 26, 2011

Evacuation: Hurricane Irene!

So, I've been asked to evacuate my accommodation today for Hurricane Irene! Depressed as hell..for not knowing how it will be like ( I dunno what to expect ..I dunno what a hurricane is synonymous with for God's sake!)..I just had to leave!

I packed some clothes, my important favourite valuable stuff..(not valuable by money.. but valuable by closeness)..asked God to protect us..and left for a city nearby but more into the west.

It was crazy leaving the room..and putting stuff into the drawers in case water would come and flood everything else :DDD (I dunno what a hurricane will be like!) Should I expect broken windows, water..lost stuff..I really dunno!

I just packed and left..and my city was suffering from a very foggy, depressing sky...heavy rain..and very strong wind that's gonna blow trees down.

Hurricane Irene..please give us a break! I really dunno what to expect in the very long days awaiting me!!

Allah yostor
The Photos are for the angry weather of my city..before I traveled and left it

Monday, August 22, 2011

It Struck me that...

I am no longer listed as in Egypt!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Since I arrived to the States..and I started bit by bit realising the big transition that I'm gonna undergo.. I was of course excited..anticipating...numb at times..and of course afraid! I realised what I have done..once I stepped into my big dull room..that I had called "the prison room"..The plain walls..and the empty room, the grey mattress of the bed! The bed that had no sheets, no blankets..The walls that were cold.. The floor that was all colourless..and two big suitcases of mine..resided there..and me in the corner had my first time of long crying fits! If it weren't to facebook, friends..and couple of stickers and my little friends I brought with me (namely Boogy w Tamtam, my little fanoos and smiley flower)..I would have definitely gone crazy!


(The corner of Joy..the first few things I put infront of me..the first 10 min I was in my room for the first time- The corner of Joy now..always has chocolate and sweet things !)


My first shopping trip - to the very famous Walmart- was definitely not for was for STICKERS! Yep..I needed COLOURS to my room..bought a pinkish quilt..smiley stickers, butterfly stickers..and even sunflowers' put those everywhere! Still, I refused to unpack! The denial phase was going on..I thought if I don't unpack my suitcases..may be I'll be going back home in the next few days...! So, I just didn't! and my room..wasn't warm still!

(On Campus, on my very first arrival)


Then from denial and surrendering to the fact that this is my room for the coming while..this is the big kitchen I have to share in a dorm..and this is the life I have to lead: From a very pampered someone who buys forks, and spoons, spices and quilts, pots for cooking, to cleaning material, to thinking of what to cook..and what I may need.


(My desk with the tokens and books that accompanied me from Egypt)


My first proud moment..was the laundry visit! :D The anticipating, worried look on my face that changed to a childish joy when I saw my clothes all washed up..and no colour-disaster took place..were worth shooting...! I was going back home with all my laundry dried up, smelling really good with my lovely detergent..and I was so proud of myself..that I've done that from A-to-Z! (No jokes here..we said 'am pampered!)


(That's the dryer with my clothes inside..MY FIRST TIME EVER :D)

My next proud moment..was when I had the public transportation round here..and went to continue my shopping on my own this time (before I had the luck of joining a very good Tunisian friend who helped/helps me around much, not to mention having Iftar with her-and not dining alone -saved me a lot from loneliness around here alhamdulelah)! I went shopping..had my first Amerian mobile number...and that's it..I was settling and coping..and at the end of the day..I had a colourful room..with fairies stuck on my wall, smiley faces to help me wake up every day and not to cry every night...and a desk with little tokens from people I love..and carried their hearts in my heart ..with me to U.S.A.! and Now..I unpacked..and my things, clothes..and life..are in a new city, new country..very far away from Egypt! But now..I call this "home"..just to get used to it!

If I'm missing anything in this adventure..that would be my sister, Heba! I wished she was with me to join the adventure..and we'd go along...! But..who said she's far away..anyway..! :)


(One of the fairies that welcomes life..stuck on my wall..I have some of them up there with TinkerBell :) )


At last..what I mostly like that..with my Hijab..Arabs and Muslim Americans..recognise me as a they always stop me and greet me in Arabic with "Assalamu Alikom" and a sweet smile! This makes my day...for real!! So please, if you happen to see me around..walking from classes..or look all grumpy missing home..or carrying many bags from "Target"...just stop me and say "Hi"...It feels like you're never alone! :))


(The Smiley faces all along my bed..and on the drawes as remind me to Smile..)

p.s. When I knew I'm travelling..I promised myself to try to post sth. to record each day I'm living here..., and I will try to do so! I'd like to see from where I began and where to end!
p.s. 2 (Thanks to my friends..and their tokens..and those who visit me..and those who keep my company..and my friends' whose prayers are answered and God-sent angels come by to ease my day and colour it with a smile)

Friday, August 5, 2011


يخربيت الوجع
والتكّات الصغيرة اللي بتدوس على تعاوير مبتتقفلش