Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Reason to come back!

Salute to the tapestry of events that exquisitely culminated in a sublime plan. Salute to the moments that flew by to be knitted in a longer journey leading to the light and meaning. Salute to all little details, and bigger ones, creating our own customized memories and important dates marking our personal calendars, meaningless to the world, yet meaning the world to our hearts. Salute to the butterflies who stayed with us when we least believed in them, yet they absolutely believed in us. Salute to the fairies that we thought had been lost and already died, yet they were reborn with our laughter. Salute to the magic that persists, to our strength that was weakened yet refilled, to our childishness that is recounted. Salute to the "adventure that is out there" and the blimp full of history.