Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Kind of Pain..

They order to be healed and fully recovered, you have to accept yourself as it is. Embrace it and accept, don't be your own enemy.

You know when some kind of severe burn happens to the skin? The skin is burnt and the flesh is exposed, making any little contact onto the burnt part..a living hell! You can never touch that part it hurts..even if a little bit of cold water, it's gonna hurt no matter what.

I if all of me is exposed like that, as all my soul without its protective skin, everything hurts even a little gesture, or a small word..all hurt like hell...all cause bleeding..the minutest thing as tiny as an unseen dust..pains all of me. As if all of me is nothing but tips of nerves exposed that any poke gonna make me scream like hell of pain!

How can I hug my soul then and pat its back and tell her it's gonna be fine, while I cannot even get any closer! How can I hold unto myself while even my mere existence will pain..How can I get close, whereas every inch is nothing but burnt bless aching..

How can I then survive like that then...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I finished watching all 10 seasons of "Friends" and repeated them over and over again,
then watched all 7 seasons of "How I met Your mother" and watching the weekly new episodes and watched all the seasons over and over again,
I watched all 4 seasons of "Cake Boss"
and's "Glee"
The Desperate trials of invoking laughter!