Thursday, February 26, 2009

وبكرة جي اخضر وانتي بتتبسمي :)

*From my Diaries: 25th of Feb. 09*

Well, when you are so tense and worried..and you just woke up, and your head has thousands of thoughts clashing...and when you're waiting for two sms to set your chaotic day in order...and you don't receive those messages and you're on the verge of loss and you don't know which lectures are when ..and which meeting is where..and all of a sudden you get a cheerful "saba7 el kheir" ...well..only at this moment I took a breath and told myself "saba7 el kheir" and knew somehow that it's gonna be fine...for I believe you! *Thank You*

"w bokra gy a7'dar wenty btetbsmy"! *Do you promise? *

when I'm rushing..and late for the lecture..and hindered in traffic..and I get on time with a miracle..then..I take another breath, and smile!

When the Wednesday passes with no encounters with the ugly witch...I smile even more!

When God saves you..though you don't deserve it..and Mona says that prayer..and I sigh! I say, I'm grateful, and wonder if I deserve this, so I say...alhamdulelah..

When at last..I meet a bright student...who gives hope in this life that despite all..Light will carry you to the right place...and nothing is to be incapable...! Nothing should hinder you! I'm then enlightened!

When I passed the street..and threw my head backwards to look childishly to the search of the moon..and find instead shining stars... I'm guided!

When we sit and talk and laugh...and I listen and smile! Then I'm lucky! *Chocolate-like*

When I say "you make my day"...then I mean it!! *Did I say it?! Here you go then!*

When he sings "mn 3'eir ma tetklmy" as you predicted as the start... and promises me, over and over again..."w bokra gy a7'dar wenty btetbsmy"...then, I could have died happily at this moment! I wished it would have lasted till forever! Ali just knew that I needed that re-assurance to "SMILE"! and I did..! * :) *

When Ali sings beautifully- as he did.... I own the world! *Sigh!*

When the cold breeze embraced me ...I was totally refreshed! *Renewed*

When I made me feel safe with a spontaneous- heroic- gesture of yours! ( btw, I felt like a child for that moment of panicing :$ lol, it was ridiculous that I paniced , wasn't it?! ).. but it was all to bless more of that night that's all...! *Blessed*

When I passed by the glittery water page of Nile..I knew I was serene! *Alhamdulelah*

and when I know that there is "meaning"..and there is "smiling"...then I'm sure -insha Allah- that "Bokra gy a7'dar wenty btetbsmy"!

p.s. Thank you, Shukran, Merci, Danke...! Because I believe both of you when you say "Bokra gy a7'dar"..I just believe you! ...and that's what it means to have "Meaning"! :)

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esraa said...

البوست اللي فوق ده بسبب ان يوم الاربع عدي؟

هروح اقرأ وارجع بقي