Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In Retrospect...

 I arrived to this room. And was left alone for the first time. I hated it. I cried. I remember how the fading colours of the room were killing me.

(My initial post in the U.S. and the room transformation) 

17th May 2012: This was the room after I totally packed and was getting to leave. I was leaving behind the experience of 10 months in the U.S., in the very quiet and calm Williamsburg, VA.
The last days when I was finishing my very last campus-errands, I was laughing at the numerous times I would go for very long walks, unaware of the shortcuts that would have made my trip to class or anywhere else easier. I laughed at my own idiocy and smiled at how smoothly I was walking then all around the campus, now using the very well-known shortcuts.
This whole trip that was initially taken for all the wrong reasons, and was then granted to me for more new reasons, and then ends with more new accomplishments...cured a lot of wounds, pushed out the worst and escalated the pain level just to cleanse my blood out of all - or most of- the venom.
25th May 2012: Cairo was glowing at night, and that was the only moment when I teared up in the plane seeing the beauty of Cairo from above. This was the MOMENT I knew I was happy I'm back.

Midnight that day: Carrying my suitcases back home  to surprise my family, was the start of a new self-recovery phase...that's still ongoing.

(That was an initial packing of the room..before I move out to  a friend's place and start to get rid of most of those things and repack for the following 10 days! Whole 10 months are summed up in these many bags and two huge trash bags, and a lot of photos! :) )