Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jotting Down..

Let's first agree that : Today's burdens are tomorrow's nothing!

From my Diaries:

- I'm so bored...(only today..yesterday i was not as bored as now! so it's an instant feeling I know..but has to be written anyway...and I know all cure of boredom already! lol)

- I miss certain friends...whether they know it or not...But I won't plead for their presence! I'd just sit back and you wish! Call it arrogance, call it it stubborness..But I tried..and I have pride issues..and sensitivity issues as well! (But why I'm hurt by their abscence and missing their presence?..I dunno....because they're my friends!!! Duh!)

- I have a headache!

- Why did the vacation end?! Ans.: To add more discipline to my life! lol At least I'm back to that cycle that will choke fact.. it gives me purpose.. though I curse it all the time!

- Why certain things people do..and worry it might annoy me..and it doesn't! and when something else done annoys me..they don't realise it?! :D Lunacy on my part?!

- Vacation ended and I accomplished none of the planned to: Researches? No! Travelling? No! Reunion? 7asha w kala! lol Cinema ?! No- or may be yes..once wallah ma fakra lol! Meeting Azza?! mara wala martein bayn (NOT COUNTED) !!! Driving Lessons?! No! well...kano esbo3ein 3omy a3melhom eh ya3ni!!

-Ok, being positive: I had the Book Fair outings (which were TOO MANY), I had the good people I met (Bahaa Taher, Ahdaf Soueif, Radwa Ashour, Mona Baker), I had the friends' whom I met there, and like definitely..I have Ali el 7aggar's concert that I attended...which was awesome (as usual), and I have the lovely books I've got and read and reading and more to read! So, Ok..It was not a pathetic vacation..I'm just greedy for more! :D

- maleesh mazag! that's my motto for this hour..or this evening!

- Isn't there a magical way to restore the posts I'm recovering manually?! lol It's such a desperate way of doing it...but hell with it..I like reading those details again!! and what pacifies me is insha Allah the moment I have them all back here...! isA..Rabena yedeeny tolet el 3omr!:D

-Sudden gaps...hmm.. even if it's not an intentional one (worse if it is intentional lol)..I'm not sure how I deal with them afterwards...!

- I can't say I'm lonely! For I'm not! alhamdulelah...! But some friends' presence is important... ! well..I see it that way.. Friends should be the constant thing in one's life! Especially the friends you care for and cherish, trust and confide in! They're the ones you'll update them with anything in life and they'd update you..automatically! So, love, work, sorrow, other friends issues, happiness, hallucinations..are the transitory ones..these are the updates you give your constant few friends! What happens when you miss those constants...for a reason or another..well.. things do not go really well, for still you're missing a constant..and is swept by the ebb and flow of temporary causes!

- My cure for this weird mood : Sleep is the best cure! in an hour, two, or whatsoever...I'll sleep..and by sleeping, a mood ends...may be nothing changes from the above mentioned...but still it will be a new day..may be with a new page of any another night!