Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pinteresque Hallucinations...

From My Diaries:
Wed. 14th of January 09
Mint-like Refreshment.
I wonder how..I wonder why!
Come Fly with me!
Desert of Joy! Desert Rose!
Recent Changes: I am no longer suffering from Pinteresque silence; I'm smiling, relaxed, not m,oody of anything. I don't get sad easily, I'm weirdly stable and in mood!
Sat. 17th of Jan. 2009
History repeats itself!
Acknowledging the problem is halfway of cure.....or more question marks!! No, Just more question marks! But still the growing mint plant! Refreshing!
Thurs. 5th of Feb. 09
Sitting in the open air... A Half-moon showers my spot with a silvery ray! Why half a moon? Why just hanging above my exact spot?! Je ne sais pas!
Sat. 7th of Feb. 09
Wrong Track:
Nothing is sure! Nothing is definite! At loss!
Sun. 8th of Feb. 09
Pinteresque Silence!


Minus said...

u gained one more follower by this one ma3a enny msh 3aref ya3ni eh pinteresque bs i really liked this post , ana bafakar a7ot snippets from my diary in my blog brdo ,

I passed by ur blog earlier , I should have commented before bs I dunno ba2a , sorry 3al comment el tweel :D I just felt myself in this one

Epitaph1987 said...


you're welcome around! it's not a long comment really! :)

Pinteresque is derived from Harold Pinter, the late British dramtist..for his use of language, fragment-like, full of pauses and silence..just like our talk!

It's a language that even in its silence...bears codes and meaning! :) it's all about decoding..for language is elusive for Pinter! :)

anyway..I can keep writing about Pinter here..:D It's been my way to write every now and then things as Diaries..and I think it's quite go for it and give it a try! Could be relieving I suppose! :)

Welcome once more! :)