Friday, July 2, 2010


Waiting..means that you keep some kind of hope within.
Hope - even if it was just a tiny little bit- means you have a reason to wake up this day.
If all of these vanishes... what is left out there for you?
Waking up the next day... no longer seems a miracle.
The days are void of everything.
You discover that you stopped believeing.
What belief do you hold now?
You stop dreaming as well.
So you stop anticipating.
You stop living.
You live in the absurd itself.
You stop crying.
You may cry still, because some feelings defy the invasion of numbness!
But you will eventually stop. You will stop crying. You will stop feeling.
Everything aches.. your soul, your bones, your heart. Everything!
They will ache.. till you finally reach total numbness.
Your voice is toneless.
You are spiritless.
Laughter fades..
You'll laugh, but soon once the laugh is done, it shatters immeditately.
Everything is temporary. Very Temporary.
Day in. Day out.
You don't wait for tomorrow.

You just wish for today to end.
Are you the puppet? Or the puppetteer?
You're cutting every connecting thread to the universe, and you let yourself fall.
Falling Down.. Falling Down.. Falling Down.. Gracefully, Slowly, Quietly.


شريف said...
يمكن علشان كلها في الأول معجزات و رحمة ورا رحمة, فبتديكي أمل ان قدام لسه ممكن معجزة تحصل ؟

يمكن ..

mohamad said...

burry it
write a name on an epitaph
visit it every now and then
ur visits will become less frequent

sada2eeny , dead bodies stink

& cheer up :-)