Thursday, July 22, 2010

To My PenGuiN!

Dear Penny,

I Miss You! I still move my hand under my pillow in search for you, and can't find you...and this literally breaks my heart! I can't find you hiding among my folded clothes! I can't find you in my bag either!! I hope you're safe and sound wherever you are! I'm sorry you had to leave!! I miss your singing, and how you watch me write in my diaries, and listen to songs along with me! I miss you getting mingled with the threads of the scarf I knit! I stopped knitting anyway! You left before I knit a scarf for you! Yet, I'll make one for your forthcoming birthday! I wish you were here... You'd ease the pain a bit! The Fairy misses you too. She misses sitting along with you, on the same shelf, with scattered flowers (I stopped looking at her ..and stopped buying flowers too!) !! She misses your photo together...Have you ever seen a crying Fairy? I did! It's so sorrowful! I keep looking at your photos among my stuff, and our photo together! Who would ever think I'd get so attached to a stuffed, furry, little, singing Penguin?!!! I just simply miss you...! Your place under my pillow is so cold...

You'll forever be my favourite Penguin!

Keep Singing! (and hide under the blankets..and keep warm!)

*A Little Hug!*



1 comment:

sherif said...

isn't it stupid how little silly things can really shape us :) ?