Saturday, July 10, 2010


And I miss Ali El 7aggar..and "bokra ely gy akhdar!" I miss Um Kalthoum! I miss smiling at the hovering butterflies, they still hover around, and I still try to smile, but with pain! I miss feeling at all..! I miss my real laughter..and I so miss myself! I miss being really happy and joyous! I miss being me, before the many tears shed! I miss my penguin, I really do! and I miss drinking coffee! I miss songs..all songs, particular songs! I miss the mornings, the sunny, cheerful mornings! I miss waking up... with a wish for a new day! I miss wishing, dreaming, hoping and anticipating! I miss Kamilia Gubran! I miss the Smiley Full Moon! I miss the green, vivid promises! And..I miss Hope, it suddenly disappeared! I miss Light, it's quite dark, and cold! I miss "el dyy" and the glistening eyes! I miss being secure..and feeling warm!
I miss Life!


Update: And I MISS Bahaa Taher!!!!!!!

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