Sunday, May 23, 2010

Topsy Turvy..

A person can only rise so high. Now I'm rising above, but there's a ceiling and I'm about to hit it.
(I'm rising above; I'm rising above; I'm rising above and leaving behind all these little particles, that should make me collapse, angry, and destructive! I'm rising above! But there are limits still, despite all, for I'm human, not an angel!! But still, I'm rising above! See! I'm rising above!!!)
Chief: You stayed calm and focused and efficient in a very stressful situation. That's impressive.
Meredith: I was scared.
Chief: You did it anyway. Like I said, impressive!
(am totally scared... But somehow, consciously and unconsciously I'm doing it anyway, which I doubt if it's the least impressive even! But I'm doing it!! Though am so scared in every sense of the word!)
Some days the whole world seems upside down. And then, somehow, improbably and when you least expect it… the world rights itself again.
(Ironically, I still believe in that! That's the course of life anyway, isn't it?! But when? My strength will not hold on till forever..or will it?!!)

A Side Note: I have never been these days!!

P.S. Coloured parts only are quoted from Grey's Anatomy

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