Friday, May 14, 2010


Decisions... We take decisions to choose, because we have to, because we meet crossroads, and because it's the ritual of life! But sometimes, we just take decisions, to prove to ourselves we're capable... We're Strong! Our life is hectic.. all is out of our control, everyone or everything takes part in deciding the routes of your life..and you're just marginalised in your own life, simply watching it from the outside...! You then refuse to be that helpless, so You Decide! You take the decision - a decision- any decision - any grave decision in your life.. to assure your presence.. to say "I AM Capable!" "I am present in my life!" "I am in control!"...Not necessarily you make the decision in the irritable, hanging issues that made you helpless! NO! You do something far away from it... a new zone, your new zone with a new decision taking part of your life somewhere else! You do not mind the process itself, what may happen after that! You just like your power over this zone in your life! You can harm yourself, nurturing that part of your pride, by the decision you've just made! But you don't mind it at all! The important thing is.. "I" am the one to decide! I am in control of "MY" Life! I Can...!You don't realise the consequences of your decision (or may be you do!)... you're just now empowered by you decision... but later.. you'll ripe off its fruits! Then, pray that you didn't worsen matters more!

(May be that's why.. I feel the way I feel now, pained because I decided! May God guide me to the right path, and forgive me!)

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