Sunday, May 16, 2010


We Choose...everyday we make choices! We choose, and stick to our choice, though we don't know what's behind the door we chose! Choices needn't relieve you! No, they don't.. not all the time at least! We choose, because we meet crossroads, and we need to make up our minds, and choose! We choose, though we do not know what lies next! But, at least, we know that this is what we want! We're scared of what's next.. it's alright! But we know, for now, for sure, this is the choice we really want to make! Choose..stick to your choice, defend it... and then, come what may! There is a Benevolent God to save us from our choices, and ourselves...after all!
(This doesn't keep me away, though, from the wish of seeing what tomorrow bears!!)
If only Life has a Fast Forward Button!!!

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