Friday, May 7, 2010

That Stage in Life: Meeting Crossroads!

Amidst chaos, we search for Meaning! And we search for our lost Souls!

We lean our backs to the intimate thing we have/had! The memories, the details, the people!

We go back to the very first the little plant that started it all..

We remember...We try to remember the initial dream.. We try to remember ourselves.. and what we first chose back then...

We try to recall the details... to find the meaning... to find ourselves.. to remind our hearts with the smiles we once had!

We redefine intimacy... We redefine the dream!

We realise what we took for-granted..and was always there, that became unnoticed ..but it was present, here, infront of our eyes, and between our hands! We just couldn't see the details, the love, the friends, the moments...the-everything we forgot to appreciate!

We see what these added to our souls, ..and how life would be when we subtract them from our world!

Add...and Subtract... Weigh in the loss, Value the gain! and Choose the next path! The Company you'll take with you in your new journey in life! The box of memories you'll discard, and the memories you'll encarve in your heart... while moving forward!

We remember what we lost...and what we may lose! and thus we know what we should keep with us till the end of our road!

We then find the Meaning, the Light...We hold onto it..and onto ourselves..and thus search for the next adventure, with more steady footsteps, with much more strength, faith, hope and power!

And overall, we're grateful for all the 'Stuff We Did'...

So, Whenever in doubt, get back to the origins, to the core, to the essence, to the very first dream, and very first choice, in order to find Meaning, to find Us, how our Souls once looked like, and thus Pursue, Fight, Believe, and Live!

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