Sunday, September 7, 2008

To Choose Now or Never..Our Destiny's Route!

Scene 1: Her Out of the fog!

Old Man: So, are you ready to be with him now?
Her: Well, I wouldn't have come if I wasn't ready
Old Man: Great, that's wonderful! C'mon I want you read the letter and call him, I'll help you dig.
Her: Uhh..
Old Man :What?
Her: Well, I'll read his letter but I'm not gonna call him
Old Man: Well are you nuts after all you've been through?
Her: If he and I were meant to be together I would have been healed by yesterday
Old Man: What kind of nonsense is this..yesterday was one day ago, you're healing was off by one day?!
Her: One very important day. Destiny has spoken; and to search for him will be like trying shape and mould destiny, and that's just can't be a good idea
Old Man: Just suppose that the shaping and moulding of destiny is in fact your destiny
Her: Huh, I never thought of it like that
Old Man: I'll tell you what destiny means if you really wanna know! (...)
Her: What does it mean?
Old Man: Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love
Her: Yeah, but if it's meant to be it is meant to be, right!?
Old Man: Ah, I've been hearing people saying that to me for 78 years..and I've gotta tell you it really pisses me off!

Old Man: I wish you a story with a happy ending and the wisdom to look for it
Her: Thank you!

Scene 2- On phone to his parents
Him: I've got job?!
His Parents: That's fantastic! (...)
Him: Here's the thing..I don't wanna work for "teller king" company
His Parents: Why not?!
Him: I'm sorry,,I don't
His Mum: What you gonna do then?!
Him: I'm gonna live!!

Scene 3 –Hallucinating to his friend
Him : I mean…should I just forget about her?..i should forget abouty her
Bercause realistically , it's I mean, realistically could we ever be together ,is the question, you know?!And where is the line between romantic and dillusional? And how do you know when you cross this line? Do we live in the physical world we can touch? Or do we live ion the world we create in our minds?!

Scene 4- The Bridge
Narrator: That's how the story ended or in sense how it began
And as for the question of destiny.. all I know ,that destiny really wants you to accomplish something, you can't do it alone; You still have to go to that restaurant, you still have to show up. You still have to build that the one you love!

From the very last scenes of "My Sassy Girl"