Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Thoughts on الغربة!

* When I saw the international music section..I rushed to it..may be I'd even see Amr Diab whom I don't much like (except for the oldies!!)..or anyone familiar..but searching in all that's "international"..I didn't find any Arabic thing in there..not even belly dance music!!

*Seeing Sheesha (Hukka) places..makes me smile..though I don't smoke in the first place! It reminds me of DownTown (wust el balad) and "el Borsa" :)

*The Pharaonic cards I saw in the bookstore..are just :) :) :)

*Not finding any book on Islam in the religion section ..reminds me how I'm from the minority now.

*Those who just greet me with "Assalmu Alikom" make my day. (please do that more often, it doesn't make me feel like am alone in this world!!)

*Sitting in the bus stop, reading an Arabic book, makes me think what in the world those around me think of me now reading a "weird" book from right to left :D! (Appreciate the little details)

*I haaaaaaaaardly see any veiled women here...and I just walk with total confidence, like I'm not the strange one over here.
*Putting my prayer rug in the room, and just crosses my mind how like may be this is the only time this spot will witness "sujood" here..! (Don't take your prayers for granted..:) )

*In the bookstore, when I saw "Al Baradei's" book..this made me just stand infront of it..and finally say I just saw a familiar face at last..and departed with a smile! (Though am not a big fan of AlBaradei!! )

*I haven't known I love Egypt that much. I mean I always loved it..and appreciated its details and everything..but when the Revolution took place..I thought that was ALL the LOVE I have for Egypt..I cannot even Love it more..! NOW, I surely discovered another level of love for her..and her people, streets, and details..!!

*Seeing a banner stuck on a car of "COEXIST" and seeing the Crescent as a sign of Islam among other signs...while heading to the bus stop, which I mark by a jewish temple where I wait and greeted with a smile by people passing me by... makes me feel at peace.


يا مراكبي said...

بعد سنين الغُربة الطويلة
أقدر أقولك .. فيها حاجة حلوة

Mohamed K. Aly said...

ليه وجع القلب ده بس :D ربنا يعدي غربتك على خير ... I know what you're going through.

Anonymous said...


Epitaph1987 said...

يا مراكبي
فيها حاجة حلوة جدا

محمد علي
ربنا يعديها على خير لينا جميعا