Thursday, September 15, 2011


When I first saw the poster for "Contagion"..I was like "WHAT??!!" Those brilliant actors ALL in ONE Movie? That must be something..

Once it was out..I was there in the theaters..waiting to be WOWed!

However..I wasn't the least!

The execution was very poor..and you feel plot-lines were left without being fully accomplished!

Marion Cotillard is abducted..and we forget all about her for a while, dunno anything about her life in that village with those kids..and when she appears once more.. You cannot really understand why she sympathises with them that way? and even her way of showing sympathy was like..weird!!

Then there is Gwyenth Paltrow..(Beth) who we know she cheated on her husband and that was supposed to be highlighted to know what happened to the guy she met..They mention that as if we already know all about it! (I don't care about why she cheated..but rather what happened to the guy? was he infected? when did he die? They don't say anything about him!)

Every plot-line is executed poorly..and you feel like there are many cut scenes for some reason..and you don't feel wholeness of the movie!

However..Jude Law did a good job there..

It's very disappointing for me to say..Contagion, you were a let down. A good idea, that the best you can come up with..with such a cast?!!

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