Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Miles ...in Between!

Why sitting in the bus stop..makes you wonder on how many miles separate you from Home! And How this Home carries all that You Love! And How ..at this very moment...where you're just sitting in a bus stop alone, you wonder...where you are..and where they are right now! And neither the phone, nor all the food you're buying for a lonely dinner..will bring them for you! How different times zones are! How the Moon greets me here, and the Sun is ready to wake you up there! How many miles separate us..and with all these miles..with every bit of them..I love you!
Dedicated to "Home" (with all its meanings!)


Anonymous said...

احب اقوللك اني عايش حاجة شبيهة هنا
على الاقل فترة ماقبل الشغل دي
انا حرفيا مبطلعش من اوضتي
وعندي مشكلة الكلام دي حرفيا
ايوة قنا بعيدة زي امريكا

The Ladybird said...

that's why we never wait for buses without having something to do =)!