Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Grandson...

Ok..let's first of all agree..that God may rest his soul in peace..! He's a child after all..and "la shamata fi al mawt"! Especially this 12-year-old child is quite harmless, whatever the income or the sources of his parents and "grandparents" (the royal family)...He has no punishment for it (if God wills)..according to the doctrines of religion and this is quite understood!

Now, everyone is mad at the exaggeration of the media! Most channels are mourning (3ala ra2y Morsi el zanaty marshat 3askrya w Quraan)! But I mean..what do you expect...!! It's the PRESIDENT'S GRANDSON...would they ignore him?????! C''s nothing new that if the president sneezed they'd all run offering him a klinex!! if you can see the analogy! so it's quite expected! They want to LIVE AND SURVIVE..on the way of "Momtaz el 2ott"!! (btw, I cannot wait to read what Mr. Excellent will write!!)

The problem is..that we feel that injustice! I mean, if we have seen that when el Messiri died, Mostageer, those of the burnt theatre, trains, crashed planes, starving children, homeless raped girls, cancer people bedridden ...or the drowned ones..if we have seen they had their due and there was a mourning for them too...and their deliberate death and suffering were respected...! We wouldn't have been holding any grudge now against all the fuss about the Grandchild who died!

The military funeral, the coffin wrapped in a flag, won't bring back that child...nor the humble Egyptians who die everyday..and will still die if the corrupt system still goes on the way it already is!

But afterall, it's a child who died..we cannot mix our feelings and curse the family still...! and we won't love them either...! we just need to differentiate between matters! Or at least...if you cannot show your compassion for a child .. and the morale out of the whole issue of death! Then, it's better to be silent!

We should not be so judgemental..we're not God after all!

More marginal notes:

Though the news of the boy's death is reported since yesterday, Al Ahram did not issue any headline about it...and no obituary was published YET!

The President did not attent the funeral!!!

Rotana channels (Prince Waleed Ibn Telal) did not even pause his channels for a moment of one Quraanic verse or paying any public condolences as his fellows on other channels! (I wonder why he did not join the carnival...?)

Naguib Sawiriss's OTV : One was for Quraan and the other was for Entertainment and songs still! (that's the benefit of having two channels lol)

Online comments of people: I've came across a number of online articles about declaring the news..the comments some of them were hilarious indeed!! They were still praying for the child for recovery (before the declaration of death)...some would sincerely ask the president or anyone of the family to have ablution and do this and that and read this prayer or certain if the presidential family are opening the webpage waiting for instruction of how to save the child!! Either those who commented that way..were naively sincere, driven by their passion as parents, or either they're kidding! Other than that the simple condolences went on..which is Ok I suppose!

Programs on TV. of course were all about interviewing a Sheikh or speak about Death, visitation, families losing a child, and such topics! Intervals of phonecalls from viewers were all condolences to the family... however some still sounded comic! and again I ask are they naive or are these a set up or what?!

Till now, nothing is certain about how that boy died! It's again this concealing and camouflage and no transparency whatsoever! What's the big deal if they'd say he died because this of that! why are they always afraid of directness and being straight-forward! C'mon, grow up! We're not asking about the health status of the President (God forbid, we cannot dream ever to know!!!) why won't you declare the may even gain more compassion!!

Finally...for my own stance...well he's a young boy..who did nothing and cannot be blamed for whatever his family had done...! I'm not whining and crying..and I'm not gloating and happy either ! It's death after all..and may you reside in Paradise isA!

Dear Little Boy... I'm sorry for any word that could be said about your death from anyone who is so pained from any wrong they had because of sins you never committed against them! I'm sorry that you are such a public figure and such propaganda has to go on around your death! I'm sorry that some people would say that it's unfair while their children suffered and died in silence as well because of the harm done from the ruler you only knew him as "grandpa"! May you rest in peace, find your place in heaven, console the hearts of your family..and find serenity in a better world than ours!


يوسف said...

كلب العمدة مات الناس كلها جت تعزي.
العمدة نفسه مات مفيش ولا كلب جه يعزي!

يا مراكبي said...

waw .. a very objective essay really .. I liked the post too much.

And YES our society became mixing things to a bad limit .. that is why the reactions look ugly and not subjective / objective

e7na said...

احييك يا هاجر على التدوينه
وليا كام تعليق
اولا خلينا نتفق ان مفيش عاقل او انسان لديه ذرة شماته فى موت طفل صغير سيغفر له الله كل ذنوبه ان شاء الله ولا ذنب له فى أن يولد فى أسره مبارك
معنى الشماته اننا نقول احسن انه مات وما اظنش انى شفت حد للان قالها او حد ممكن يقولها
ليه غيظ الناس من تعامل الاعلام مع الموقف اتفهم انه شماته؟؟
لما الموضوع كان مجرد اشاعه والناس كانت محتاجه معلومات واخبار
الجرائد اللى هى من فلوسنا تجاهلت الموضوع ولما حصلت الوفاه قلبت الجرنال كله صفحة وفيات وحتى الجرائد والقنوات الخاصه
اللى هى اساسا وقت العباره ووقت حرب غزه ما وقفتش اى برنامج ولما اتعمل يوم موحد للبث قنوات كتير رفضت المشاركه

ده نجيب ساويرس على رايك اللى قال انه عمر ما رمز دينى هيظهر على قناته شغل قران

ثالث حاجه دلوقتى لقينا لاعبى مباريات الاهلى والجيش والاسماعيلى كمان لابسين شارات سوداء
فى وقت البطوله الافريقيه فيه منتخب افريقى لبس شارات سوداء علشان اهلنا ومنتخبنا ما عملهاش والمنتخب الافريقى اتوقع عليه عقوبه

بس كل دى حاجات مضايقه الناس وملهاش علاقه خالص بطلبنا ان يرحم الله الطفل ويصبر والديه
الكلام للمنافقين والموالسين ان يتوقفوا عن استغلال المواقف ويرحمونا

mohra said...

totaly agree
couldnt say any different

Ghafari said...

بس على فكرة مش لازم تقري ممتاز القط، ايا يكن ما يكتبه ولا النكرة بتاع الجمهورية! دي جرايد حرام فيها الفلوس. ونكرات لا تستحق اهتمام

ربنا يرحم الولد.

Epitaph1987 said...

رغم المثل صعب شوية :) لكن فاهمة قصدك
مهو ده عيب الناس اللي بتهيص وتزيط وتتطبل لاجل النفاق
فعلا ارض النفاق

يا مراكبي
اشكرك :)
والله الناس متعاطفة اعتقد
ربنا ما يكتبها على حد
لكن مبالغات البعض من اصحاب الاقلام والقنوات والمكانة ح تخلي الناس تتطق
ربنا يستر ع الايام الجاية

الشماتة للاسف ان فيه ناس شايفة انه قلب العيلة دي اتحرق! محدش يتمناها لحد مهما كان طاغى او انسان عادي
الاعلام طبعا متبطلاتى اخر حاجة
ده اللي ينطبق عليه اغنية على الحجار
يا مصرى ليه دنياك لخابيط
طبعا ان الاعلام ما وقفش مع ضحايا العبارة ولا كأن فيه كارثة حصلت
لا تعليق!!
واللعيبة كمان! لا تعليق
مش باقولك
يا مصري ليه دنياك لخبابيط!
شكرا على تعليقك :))

اللي يعيش ياما يشوف يا بنتى

انا لما باقول ممتاز القط لانه اصله بيتفوق على نفسه في الهيصة والكلام اللي في الهجايص! والراجل مالوش زي باسلوبه الركيك اللي بيكتب بيه ده! ده كان بدافع السخرية والضحك! انا الراجل ده كل ما اقراله يضحكنى!! مهما كانت الكارثة اللي بيتكلم فيها!
ومش معنى انى عايزة اقراله واضحك انى فرحانة في الولد! لا انما عايزة اتفرج على ابداعتهم في النفاق
امين ربنا يرحمه

Ma 3lina said...

Best article I read about this subject,I wonder why u don't write ore of these !!

Can I add that Negom Fm did not play any programs or songs except some islamic ones :D

We just hope eno yt3ez min el 7asel w yra3i rabna shiwia b2a !!!

Epitaph1987 said...

ما علينا
مش مابكتبش عشان حاجة
حسب بقى ساعات بتكون كل حاجة اتقالت
وساعات الوقت والكسل
انا سمعت موضوع نجوم اف ام ده برضه
ده اقل واجب يعنى لازم يعملوه اللى خلا قنوات تشطب خالص مش عايزة نجوم اف ام تتضامن هي كمان ولا ايه
ربنا يصبرهم ويثلج صدورهم
اكيد لربنا حكمة في اللي بيحصل والابتلاءات
المهم نفهمها ونشوفها

Anonymous said...

This is so ojective ya Googy, nicely structured and prsented. Chapeau!

Sarah Mahmoud