Tuesday, May 19, 2009

مرفوع مؤقتاً من الزعل

الاثنين 18 مايو 2009
والقلب بيبقى كله فراشات ونجوم لما بيفرح
From My Diaries:
My second wish from the BucketList came true... I saw Tamim Al Barghouti Live in Cairo! It was not a Youtube video watching him from Rammallah...but rather from Cairo, with my fairies all surrounding me !
The Dream goes like that: Mourid Al Bargouthi is saluting Bahaa Taher, Ahdaf Soueif is greeting Radwa Ashour, My Fairy Mother and My lovely Dr. Salwa is sitting with us! Three of the closest to me, who I'm sure have wings, are there as well...! Tamim is reciting his poems! I can hear him..They're here as well...That's not a dream!! Either I have died and now in heaven...or else Heaven has come to visit the earth! Or simply those (whether my friends or my heroes from books) are all angels..and this last one is True! They are a group of fairies...and my heroes are angels on earth!
Tamim's poem "Al Farah" made me speechless...The well of hope that was dwindling was bursting with new fresh water now to refresh it!Even Tamim's poems about "Setty Um 3ata", Naji Al Ali, and Mahmoud Darwish...made me feel that those angels too were here among us!
Isn't that just perfect?!
What an angelic night to defy the Ugly Witch's effect..even for few hours! Those are the ones who'll last..not you sad, useless witch!!
and as the whole evening ended...I'd quote the song again ( and as Mona kept repeating for me):
وستجئ الأيام الصعبة
وستزول الأيام الصعبة
Only because I trust in God.
*alhamdulelah* :)


Oma said...

bosy ana wa7da 3abeta :D ba2ra kol postatk w 7ta elly mal72tosh gebto mn el achive el2adeem..ta2riban ana aked radet 3aleke mn zaman mra 2bl ma a2fl blogy

bosy elly 3ayza a2olo bs 7amdell 3la el slama

ba7b feky enk always 3andk seka fe rabna :))

yaraab daymaan rabna ma ye7rmkesh mn frashatk w el nogom temla 7ayatk

plz keep smiling

Epitaph1987 said...

your comment made my day..and made me smile and feel more thankful to God! :))

Allah yeslmek..:) I'm glad that you're still reading my hallucinations around here! :) and I'd wish you'd be back blogging :)

Rabna yelwen ayamek far7 :)

Thanks for the smile! :) w saba7 el kheir 3aliki :)