Saturday, January 31, 2009

About a Brave Heart...

Nothing moves me watching "Brave Heart"! This is one of the things that I would delightfully say that it reminds me of the good old days indeed! Not because of the cliche reviews and opinions of the great , oscar-winning movie... but because of the many relations and things connected to that movie in my life....

I remember that while watching it..I discovered my ability to cry and sob before movies..(well, he deserved it anyway)...

It's a movie that introduced those notions of being graceful, freedom, being noble..! It showed me how treachery hurts..kills more than swords!

It was one movie of the father-son relationships: Wallace and his father, his friend and his father the fighter, the king and his son ( who was gay I assume), Robert the Knight and his sick father...and how the attitude of the son and his stance can shape and mould one's life...!

It was the movie that made me believe in this eternal love...and that it exists! Moreover, that having a second love is possible..and you can sacrifice your own love..or keep it to yourself! Those sweet and complicated issues of love...!

It's a movie that made me adore Scotland!!
It's a movie that made me have a huge crush on Mel Gibson!!

It's a movie that I memorised many, so many of its lines..when I was such a little girl!'s a movie that provoked me to get a cassette tape with the whole original sountrack and music of the movie...! I knew back then how to taste that some would invoke me to be happy, to hold tears feel enthusiastic...!

I had even a sacred time of playing that music..when I used to do my math homework or assignments..till I was in thanwya 3amma...! I had that ritual...and it was the most splendid time of my enjoyment...! I always did it with great amusment...just my book, my mind..and my specific music! That has always made my day...and soothed me ! and till now, whenever I listen a little music of it...I remember the flavour of those days...! So warm it is!

Years later..that tape had a horrible accident...I can't remember what exactly...and caused severe shock for me of course!! and could not find another one anywhere!

Couple of years more...a friend got me almost all tracks of that music on my pc! and I just remembered it all just like it was last night!

I remember years back when I was yet at school..and used to wait for the movie on our national channel two..and I'd record it myself..! I remember still the video tape...which I think is still there somewhere...! It was my precious watch it over and over and over again!

I remember my glorious moment of owning that movie on my pc...and moving it from one hardisk to a legacy!!

I remember every detail of the movie...! When he saw the hanged people (first introduction of treachery), when his heart told the boy Wallace about his father's death, when he touched his father's cold body, the famous funeral scene, his tears and the violet Murron gave him, his uncle's arrival, the Scottish music paying tribute for the dead, the secret wedding, the horrifying death of his beloved, the payback, Sophie Marceau's "l'amour", the first won war of the scots, the shake hand with the Irish, Wallace's shock at Robert's treachery, Wallace's revenge from the knights and pushing a dead body over their banquet, the famous, "Do you confess? so on 'morrow you shall receive your purification," when he gasps for air when they were messing with his belly and cut it open, and "The Prisoner wishes to say a word"...Freedom... when he sees her..when he lets the handkerchief goes... " You had faith in Wallace, now believe with me!" .. when the sword flies in his name... and his last line " They fought like worrior poets, they fought like scotsmen"

I hereby testify...Brave Heart is my eternal favoruite movie... William Wallace is my hero, my secret love... the music I nominate as the soundtrack of my life... and I still have a crush on Mel Gibson :D !


ahmEd_H said...

Mel lw ye3rf haygy gary ;)
Brave Heart ..... One of my Fav all the time ...

lol we zy ma2olna before hoa fe ensan 3a2el matfrgsh 3la Brave heart :D


Epitaph1987 said...

LOL ya Ahmed!
yeah, while writing..i remembered your famous saying! lol
howa a great movie by all means! :D

Anonymous said...






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