Monday, January 12, 2009


We're moving towards 20 days...and Gaza is still under siege and fire..and we're watching till the death toll hits the first thousand of Palestinian martyrs- not armed ones, not Hamas, BUT civilians: Children and women!!!

If it's one army against the other...but no...Civilians are the fuel of this war! May be little children who did not even get the chance to think of supporting Hamas or someone else! Just peaceful little children are lying cold , tainted with blood in coffins!

Does this mean that in this case...Israel is in a state of self-defence and defying terrorism!? when Israel bombed a school, killing 40 kids, was that school a terrorist center ?! It is all about logic!!! Use logic..and don't be a slave of the bought media!

Who started that God-dammit war...?!! Hamas was not free of sins... but neither is Israel.... and Israel has gone TOO FAR !! Not to mention that Israel has no right in this land since it started its unfair occupation like 60 years ago! So who for God's sake should be in a state of self-defence...on and on and on?!

What terror and panic did this war cause the Israelis?! What exactly!? what about the Palestinians.. who live under this panic for 60 years , generation after generation?! What terror ..whereas Palestinians live under a constant threat.. cannot easily cross borders, cannot enjoy a fancy life in their own homeland...because of the ugly occupier who is so blindfolded..and because of a silent handcuffed world?! we are not on equal footing...if anyone is the terrorist it is definitely not the child with a bullet in his head..and three others in his chest!!

Illegal weapons are used by Israel Now! Prohibted weapons...does this ring any bell of terrorism and brutality?! Does the 900 martyr in less than 20 days mean anything?!

How many Israelis died!? Injured?! homless?!

How many Palestinains died? Injured?! homless?!

How many families lost?

How many children orphanes?

How many houses completely demolished?!

Ok...for us as Arabs...we should stop the self-torture that we like, going before photos and mourning, and joinging from one facebook group to another! We need more concrete solutions than that...! We even need to recharge ourselves with the power of resistence !

Media war is quite directed towards serving the "victimised" Israel, which is a mere fallacy of course!

We need to deliver our message if those who has the ability to write in English! Write about the massacre, write about the beautiful Palestine we know...Write...for words are resistence...

Share in this poll : and do not please stop at submitting your vote, but rather leave your comment! Didn't we agree that words are a form of resistence?! May be polls and results won't stop the war itself..and won't construct buildings instead of the demolished ones! But it will unveil some truth...It is a psychological war! It is a media war as well! Zionism is so serpent-like that has manipluated many, and has made the world believe that Israel is the Victim, the Martyr! Stand against such Zionism..and always remember that even jews have declared it out-loud that they hate Israel and are against its savage actions in Palestine! Words could be harsher than bullets...

Boycotting: I think we've had enough concerning this controversy about our friends and families and own compatriots working in those factories..etc etc etc! Whom we are kidding!!!! We've had enough! Boycott all American and Israeli products...and the list is quite known! You can absolutely survive without a can of pepsi..and a pair of shoes from Nike...and coffee from Starbucks! They have declared it that billions of their own profit is directed towards the banks of Israel to serve in this war!

May be I'm not so much for demonstrartions personally...but I can see the world waking up from its sleep..and standing against lies! Hats off for Venezuela! Hats off for Kanoute! Hats off to every fair person who declared his support to the fair cause! Hats off even to the Jews who know it's not a war of religion..but war against Zionism and American manipulation!

a week ago..I was examing a student who was all dressed in black..and chocked with tears.. upon asking her about the reason of her apparent sadness..she said that all her family , parents and siblings, were in Gaza..and that she failed in contacting them that other morning..when Israeli troops started its march....! I cannot forget her face... but neither did I forget her smile then..that she's Resist..just as her parents Resist over there in Gaza!

Resist and Resist...and yet Resist!!

Resist with a smile...with a boycott action, with a word....with a prayer! Just resist!