Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaza...Hold On!

I tried to escape the smell of blood that is chocking us...but can't! All is in blood, "Blood will have blood!" An endless cycle...! What the hell is exactly happening in Palestine now?! How a child can be a threat to the Israeli missiles...?! Where is the sacred Christmas in Beitlahm? Will it be celebrated in blood, with bullets shot rather than church bells?! How helpless we are that all we can do is to write and write on facebook and forward messages and emails..and we can't do more...

But they taught us that words do change..it's a weapon in itself..! So said Edward Said, Mahmoud Darwish, Mourid el Barghouthi...among others! Words are resistence...! I won't innocently ask where is the UN, US, Europe, the world infront of this massacre....that would be such a stupid, idiotic question to inquire!! Enough that they'd denounce...crowdly denounce and keep silent...with their hands getting more bloody!

Resist..and Resist....and Resist!!


ahmEd_H said...

الحروب ليست حروب الاسلحه فقط .. الكلمة ممكن تغير , الصورة ممكن تحرك , الشعر ممكن يهد .. يا رب الهمنا السبيل الى مناصرة اخواننا هناك

Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم
بداية .. أنا صبية من غزة ومتابعة دائمة لمدونتك اللطيفة
صراحة كل م أدخل نت بأفوت مدونتك أشوف شو رح تكتبي عن غزة , يعني كنت ناطرة هالكلمتين اللي كتبتيهم عنا

نحنا هلأ محتاجين دعواتكم , بقى لا تبخلو علينا :(

وردة لقلبك

قلم جاف said...

عود حميد .. خالص تهانئي على عودة مدونتك..

Anonymous said...


Kick Hamas out..stop launching rockets..stop tellig your kids that if they blow themselves up and die killing jews adn americans that they will get a bunch of virgins....

Amazing how there is no outrage from your community when some Islamic nut..blows up a building or kills a bunch of western children while on his way to hell..not getting no virgins there!

Anonymous said...

By the way Hamas LOVES the fact that Isreali bombs are killing your kids...they just love it..it furthers their insane casue!

ruds said...

HAMAS and ISRAEL is the same MAD MEN. Eliminate their lusty for war. We live in this earth for tolerate every difference of us. Achieve for next peace world !!!

Epitaph1987 said...

يا رب اجعل كل حرف نور بيقاوم الرصاص

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
ازيك؟ وازاي اهلنا كلهم هناك؟
احتجت لفترة الي ان اجد الكلمات..فكلماتنا لا تقارن بشجاعتكم ابدا ولا بصبركم ولا مقاومتكم!
وردة لقلبك يا جميلة
طمنيني عليكي دايما

قلم جاف
اشكرك..ونورت المدونة الجديدة..زي ما كنت بتنور التانية بالظبط :)

Define Victim!
who said that we encourage terrorism! there is great difference when Israel fires a school...and then we'd fire back...! Plus, how long has been the world lending a deaf ear...and people are so frustrated and are being chocked and suffocating...and they try to say,..Hey we're here..see our cause! It's the world's own deeds that let those ones turn into terrorist acts! But that's another issue from what's going on in Palestine! Israel has been unfairly the occupier ofr 60 years... Why don't we KICK ISRAEL OUT then!!

everyone has gone mad...and they forgot that they are crushing innocent ones all their way around!