Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On being a Minority..

So..It's kinda hard when you're the minority. You do not find that silent support of people of your own religion, sect, who share your same holidays, beliefs, and all. And by time, it is hard to keep your rituals going smoothly..where your whole support system is no longer there. No one looks like you, no one shares your own prayer times, fasting days, holidays..Your rituals are no longer special in the world, but they're only special in your heart.

Eid is coming to a society that hardly knows what Eid is.
The 10-days- of fasting one shares their flavour.

and I sit by the laptop, play Athan at Maghreb time...and fight the sensation that you're doing this alone. Because what consoles really the that there are millions out there in the that particular moment, are breaking their fast, awaiting Eid..and making plans for it..and praying God All Mighty, to have mercy on their tired hearts and souls.

May we all be blessed. :)


Anonymous said...

ربنا يقر عينك بالصحبة الصالحة ويفرحك ف العيد فرحة كبيييييييييييييييييرة اللهم اميييييييييييييييين

Epitaph1987 said...

امين يا رب