Friday, January 29, 2010

The Shutters of the Soul... how I feel!
A distracted look...Numbness resides in the soul!
Nothing is painful... All is painful...!
Breathing becomes an act that needs effort...
Wanna close my eyes...and just.. Disappear!
F a d i n g a w a y.....
You need Power and Breathe.. to Work.. to Wake up.. to R E S I S H O P E... to D R E A M ... to Live!
I can't find it....I can't find that power nor strength to Live! I just fade away while going on with the Ebb and Flow...!
Just Disappear...


Howii said...

i wanna disappear too, actually I am disappearing from all the things I want, all the people I love ... Just wanna be away! and again we prove that most of the time we share the same mood! I wish I had words to say but I don't =(

No Fear said...

ياريت ينفع

Epitaph1987 said...

I just fade away despite myself!
I hope your colours will be back vivid and live, dearest :)

No Fear,
يا ريته ما ينفعش رغم كل شئ