Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bucket List...

Tagged by my dearest friend, Frustrated :)

Bucket List..
write whatever goals you wanna achieve in the next 8-10 years, any number of goals, and however big or small they are...they're still your goals enlisted! After putting your list...just TAG other ones, to dream along, and pinpoint their goals!

let's see..

1- dye my hair :D (it needs much daring to have a reddish colour or highlight lol)
2-being a professional driver and having a nice cute little car (needs some daring also)
3-finish my MA. and PhD insha Allah ya Rab ..ya Rab!
4- publish a book ( an intro to some book, a fictional one, an autobiographical one in English lol , and one in my speciality..) all of these or couple of them then go on with the rest for the next ten years lol.
5- travel to the UK, especially London.. study there may be! (Ok with the US. as well)
6- ab2a Auntie GooG :D (3yal Azza, Mona..and Hadeer)- bs di bta3t Rabna ya3ni hehehe
7- to have a reunion with my very first classes I taught!! (weird goal lol)
8- Do Hajj , and couple of Ummrahs (it's been such a long long time)
9- establishing a cultural venue, for scholars, students, a library and hold seminars ..etc(or at least being ready to have that for the next ten years..and ready with a serious plan, mafeesh 7aga b3eed 3an Rabna)
10- have a very big bookcase of my own, with all specialised and non-specialised books! :D (working on that )
11- travelling all over Egypt, especially to Sinaii, & another visit to Aswan and Luxor may be
12- do some translation project with Mona , and may be having a translation office, with her..she'd do the translation..I'd count the money LOL..kidding...:D (this can be a paving way or part of the Cultural Venue I'd found)
13- attend a concert for Fayrouz wherever it will be!
14- Travelling to Palestine, whatever the case is!! ( may be then it would have gained its independence ya Rab)
15- visting Algeria, and UAE, India and France.
16- Getting some magical spell that would improve my French language and make me speak that fluently :D
17- having met Bahaa Taher and thanked him for his (Abna2 Refa3a), attending something live for Tameem Al Barghouthi in Cairo..for many times just as I did for Mourid keda!
18- attending a concert by Mounir! bs matkonsh za7ma..aw tekon with seats :D
19- To have a land to be reclaimed..! (yep one of my goals) and have a house away from this Cairene life..!
20- el satr, wel se7a, wel 7elm...even if all of these above-mentioned goals were not accomplished in the first 10 years ya3ni... I wanna preserve the simple gift of dreaming!

....done so far with Hallucinating my bucket list.. you can mention less or more than those ones..just make sure that you've got a goal :)

let's see whom we'd tag along:

Ahmed- Mobarmeg 7or
Beautiful Mind
Ma 3alina
Lasto Adri

whoever is interested..please be my guest! :)

p.s. This records my first tag on this blog!


امرأة تقول الذي لا يقال said...

لقيت حد عايز يسافر الهند زيييييييي

أصلي لما بقول لحد كده بيضحك عليا ((:

ahmed said...

You forgot something you may want to achieve(or your friends want you to achieve) ,
watching the TEN PARTS OF SAW in the next 8-10 years .

e7na said...

يارب يا استاذه تتحقق قبل عشر سنين كمان
شايفه مستوايا اتحسن خالص
بفضل توجيهاتك

Ma 3lina said...


My name is here and in pink too Haloliaaaaaaaa

Loved ur answers gedaaaaaaaaaaan coz there are many stuff in common

We will do it right away in my English blog isa

Om HAGAR said...

very nice & important goals really. may I do my list on my blog please?

Epitaph1987 said...

امرأة تقول الذي لا يقال
طبعا دي امنيتي من زمااااااااان

اه طبعا..ازاي انسي اقول اني ح احرق كل افلام سوو

باشا :)ماشاء الله
طب ما تقولنا بقي ايه اهدافك السنين الجاية ..بأي لغة تحبها

ما علينا
yeaaaaah! waiting for your answers insha Allah!

Om Hagar,
please, do that! waiting to read for your post then! isA :)

Beautiful Mind said...

1-With the red hair u will be like Elsa7era elsherera don’t do it
2- for the car we said before that a small “ TokTok” will be suitable
3-finshiing ur Masters”yes yarab”
4_ for the book I am waiting for signed copy
5- When u travel to Europe u know what u will bring for me (Florence) :)
6-Antuie GooG .. da 3ala asas eh 7adretek? :)
7- for the translation office …u will do the translation too ..it’s me who will count the money; ”The financial manager”

Best wishes

Epitaph1987 said...

Beautiful mind,

1- not total red...just few highlights keda..of dark colour..so that i won't have a devilish look LOL

2-or a flying carpet! :D

3-YA RAB! so will you isA :)

4- hahahaha isA :) or your own book !

5- akeeeeeeeed :))) I remember!

6- 3shan ab2a Auntie GoooG :))

7- lol Our Financial Manager tab3an! wana mosa3ed el Manager..w Mona kabeer el motargmeen! :D