Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Message...

Dear Little Kid,

Stop Dreaming! Your sudden spark of dreams.. ache my heart! Didn't we stop dreaming?! Dreams require Magic .. and Magic does not exist! Or may be it does.. but I cannot afford believing in Magic anymore! Suffice with what I'm offering...a no-hope-life! Live silently within me..and see the reality! ...and please, keep breathing along with me! Hide.. it will be better for both of us... but do not come jumping with questions, or may-bes, that I have no answers for! I know you respected the treaty of not anticipating, not hoping, not dreaming thing.. but you still mischievously do it unconsciously once in a while..and it SO hurts! SO, you better stop it! Open your eyes..and see the world around you... and you'll remember the taste of disappointment! So, let me do what I've gotta do.. and handle the shattered pieces, and enough with your requests, games, hopes and stupid wishes! Let us live..with the few we've got now...!



P.S. Do not hate me.. believe me..I'm protecting you! Your dreams just remind me of how helpless and powerless I am... and makes me watch you almost burning yourself with risk! So, let's not do this to one another... !

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حنين said...

protecting is the last thing wanted here! Don't bury them alive in the name of protecting! STOP IT!