Thursday, June 11, 2009

Flying UP High....

Loose your hair, tap with your feet, go with the rhythm. Close your eyes, throw your head backwards, swing your hands, and go on tapping your feet. Open your arms, embrace the air...and breathe, breathe sweetly...and smoothly! A smell of sugar, freshly baked ginger bread, and a breeze coming from the sea! Close your eyes, and touch the sparkling stars! Breathe, and start feeling the sweet ache that taps as well with the notes of the song! Swing, till you start floating like a fairy with your bare feet on the fluffy white clouds! Waves of emotions that flow with the rhythm of the music of the Heart! Keep tapping, Keep swinging, Keep your arms open! Keep breathing...and start to swirl and twirl ..around and around ...along the rhythm...and you'll learn the dance!

Or just dance... till the music stops!


هوندا said...


Thanks for expressing what i feel when i listen to it but ican't say it in words

Epitaph1987 said...

Enjoy flying and swaying then...