Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Details

The past 24 hours have been quite depressing!!I couldn't talk, as usual, I couldn't answer my mobile and I just leave it away somewhere...refraining from talking, losing that lively tone in my voice...and falling into silence, and feeling how talking is such a burden! However, there is always a last thread of light to be traced....

Little Details that cheered me up today: Wed. 29th of April

*Laughing with Mona , Nouran and Aya (Though I was boring today, and though the 4 of us were so down..but well... there is always some room for laughing..even laughing at our own miserable states..!)

*My last lecture with my students. They were so lovely, and I feel I'm gonna miss them! They were so sweet and we had a heartful farewell...The last wishes of Good Luck, hugs and kisses. Hope I have left any print in their lives even for one second to be remembered.

*One of my students is a blogger :D

*Mini-outing with Hadir

*Getting a new book ! (well, buying books is such a soul healing :D )

* Sunday with Cramel :D

*A cosy phonecall with my Fairy Mother :)

*Me getting courageous enough to let out one of my greatest fears I'm facing! (that was such a huge step to say outloud what I fear about the tasks I have)

*Bokra gy a7'dar ... a wish coming on the exact time, the last Wednesday of the month!! :)

*Today's Wednesday...meaning Grey's Anatomy ! :D I dunno how life would have been without Grey's Anatomy! :D

Well..These are my so-usual ups and downs...! However, back on track..for how long...I dunno! I won't wish for eternity ..but well..I just hope it will last for a long while!

My Motto these days : ولا انهزام ولا انكسار ولا خوف ولا حلم نابت في الخلا


هوندا said...

loooool @ur student blogger

i'm really thinking about ur relationship with ur student especial when they read ur blog :D

BTW i love this song so much

Ola said...

Where did you leave to??
Did you leave the college? Why?

Epitaph1987 said...

LOL...well , they don't know about my blog nor facebook account :D
Yet, we have our own blog for our class, which is a different matter! and yet fun as well :D

to nowhere :D it's just the end of an academic year..and I may not be teaching this class once more! So..I was bidding this class a farewell :)

Minus said...

i love the way you summon all the days feelings like that , thats not the first time,

what book did u get ?

Epitaph1987 said...

The Diaries of Franz Kafka :)
I was searching for another book and couldn't find it for my work! and so I compensated myself with getting this interesting Kafka's book! :)
and...Thank You :)