Friday, April 24, 2009

In Between

Before Sunrise:

It's about before the full "Sunrise" of love. It's about the tickles that are developing all through the day, before the "Sunrise" of feelings to wake up and take control; to depart on the right time... yet they will be developed despite all! Before the sun rays shower you.. you escape just in time! You think you escaped, but you've taken along with you the first ray of the Sun; and your pocket is full of Sunshine.

Before Sunset:

Before the final "Sunset" of feelings, the last chance. Love has just grown without even knowing. Your heart beats are incontrollable. Yet, a sunset is yet to come, if you don't let your heart that is full of Light just shine. It's just before Love has its own sunset, fades and gets lost! It's before you wither and no longer see the Light. It's before you get burned by that Light kept within. It's your final statement, just before your own Sunset ...

But the whole matter...just lies "In Between" those two stages!


p.s. Commenting on the mere symbolic titles of the movies: Before Sunrise and its sequel, Before Sunset. (Both movies are definitely worth-watching)


banota said...

I love ur words ,Perfect :))

Anonymous said...

But why symbolize Love in the life circle of light in a single day?

Why forget that there is another day, with another sunshine.. and also another sunset?

To use an "extended symbol", doesn't the sun rise again?

PS. Those are rhetorical questions!

Epitaph1987 said...

Thank You :))

Anonymous hanem,
first, if we'd speak of those two was not about a single day! there was an interval of years in between! :D
It's about the tickles of one day...and the decision of the other!
Before the assured sunrise of their feelings! In Between , their feelings have already grown despite distance and no communications, and memories attack! Before the Sunset and leaving for good, they have a final chance to decise to live in a shared "in between" stage!
Got it? :D didn't you get the movies, why didn't you watch it ya hanem?! :D
Commenting on your rhetorical questions: Yes, the Sun does rise again....! There is always a sunshine..just as there is a sunset! :))

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

thanks for both of u
epy as usual u r wonderful
and "elhanem" is "sweet" w betsa2l as2ela sa3ba.
bas "....."

yalla take care

thanks again ya epy

Epitaph1987 said...

This post is all of Anonymous....! but yet known :DDDD

Anonymous Hanem,
el 3afw 3ala eh ya3ni :DDD

Anonymous Basha,
:D ento 7atgnenona m3ako shakloko looooool
well..her questions are not hard wala 7aga! msh 3arfaa meen feena ely by7bek-ha ana wala hya! :D
wenta kman el 3afw! zorona tagedo ma yasrkom :P :D

Cheerio :D