Thursday, December 4, 2008

C'est Moi...

(a graffiti drawn by Azza )

What's wrong with the simple name "Hagar" ? hehee nothing in fact..I always loved it…as long as you write it as "Hagar" and pronounce it as such..not as "HagEr"

Reasons why I always hated "Hager"..
Howa hager ra7 fein he3 he3 he3 (sa7'eeefa) lol
And there was that old nurse at Dr. Fayyad's (my pediatrician) who used to call my name as Hager…and since I hated hospitals, clinics, and doctors, I hated the way she called my name!
My name is h a g a r..don't you dare write it with an E! :@ lol

*Hagoora: a nickname my mum used to call me with, but some years ago..she stopped calling me that…dunno why! However, it's my nickname for both my grandparents! :D the name was again re-invented by my school friend, Dina..with Hagoor for's that mingle of mind and childish soul! :D

*Gogo:…ah! The very common nickname ! cliché.. but I like it ! it's a shortcut to my name, lighter, bears the marks of childishness, "sha2wa" at times for some people.sisterly at times....and many like calling me that..and nothing else! It was also the very first name Heba , my sis, learnt and wrote with her very little hands! Also my very friend, Heba T. used to quote from 7'ali balak mn zozo, saying: 7'ali balak mn gogo, or me writing that question" MN Anta? Emda2 GoGo…and such "hatal" or Gogo that Israeli girl with Adel Imam in Gom3a el shawan!

*Gogi… ! Heba's nickname for me..! it was later on adopted by many of my foreign friends! So it always bore that "dala3" "childishness" " English" aspect in me! Looool love Battou when she calls me so! Heba ,when she decides to pamper me..or let's say..enha tedla3 3alya ..she calls me Gogi! :D

*El Gog! LOL..Azza's creation…of course I'm in love with the name, and it best describes how Azza sees me and our friendship! I mean it was never one of the girly, sentimental that of desperate's one of "na2er w n2eer" , intellectual discussions, "hatal" lol, childishness, craziness… all! It's a nickname that bears that..with some characteristics of strength and power msh dala3 mer2! It was all the time exclusive for Azza..whom I later on called El ZoZ lol

*GoG: A reinvention occurred..and now many,so many call me! it feels like anyone can –likes- calling me that! Shorter than Hagar, more friendly, breaks ice may be loool, of some masculinity may be..i dunno! Loool..brotherly, sisterly…?! Could be! It rhymes with "el m3lem gog or so" like Razan calls me lol some may see it standing for some aspects of my own personality! However, when Mona calls me "Gog" it's always different... :)

*Gooooog:… is another variation of GoG… Nouran's first creation! Love it as well..some use it along! More proceeds, as Gogz, so on and so forth

*Google! A sole creative name by Nagla! I like!

*Hag & 7ag! Lol both are Azza's,,,despite Hag's definition (as an old lady) lol..but it was a simple abbreviation..done innocently lol..and the English version of el 7ag! :D as the motherly, powerful figure..the one in charge..the handling one..etc lol it's not so often used! But she once signed a chart she done for Hag's presentation lol! Loved it! :D Also, she saved my name on her mobile as such!

*Hajar! Ok , I have to confess that I did not like that at first..but then..i started really to like it! Yes..Hajar..lovely indeed! Dr. Karma ..calls me that..and Mahitab, a colleague of mine from college! scarcely anyone else does that! Few of my friends may occasionally happen to call me so..and some even go around teasing me about that name..but well..I like it! :D related to university then...

*Hagarism! This you can find on most of the mobiles of my my saved name! lol the story behind that..was in my first year…we did not understand many of the schools of drama whatever that ended with in order to cheer ourselves up..i suggested that I'd create that school of Hagarism..and it'll have a year of speciality ,5th grade, and the graduation research will be on Hagarism! :D some do like calling me that name! let's say that I have a Hagarism way of life lool..p.s. wanted to name my blog as such! :D

*N'gugu…that's a very very special name…! derived from Ngugi Wa Thiong'o ( a Kinyean writer)! The story behind it.. is really nice..I worked on some presentation on this writer.. Dr. Karma coined my nickname Gogo and I'm N'gugu! I simply love it..and won't allow anyone else to call me that LOL! Sharanya awy ana!

*Epi :D very common nickname..even before blogging…due to using this "epitaph" as a username and display name in other things..among friends..and they got this Epi thingie! It's nice one..! what's more interesting..when someone of my blogger friends..though knowing me in real life..goes on calling me Epi..:D not Hagar or any other if I'm still Epi for some! Overall, a nice one! :) away from all letters as "g" and "h" lool!

*GawGaw..Neveen's nickname! She does that to tease me..and I also like it! It's so dear to me from her…:D along with, Prof. that was first mentioned by Monsieur Samir..not of any genius thing..but rather a prediction of the academic life I'll lead..and it was taken up by one of my very dearest person in my life…with a quite different intonation…hmm an intonantion that bears the meaning of " el m3lem el kbeer", " gogo","hagar herself"…that bond, brotherly, sisterly, and even..chidlishly…! it's different anyway..and I don't hear it but from that person..and no one else can adopt it by that meaning..because they'll eventually fail to grasp it's personal connotation! Lol few other call me that..but with the academic prediction..

*There are other nicknames as "el m3lem", Jojo, Hamees ( due to a past story that I was to be called so when i was born..and also my mania about Pharoahs), also Meshmesh el asly (that's 7'alo's nickname for me..since I was a little girl..and I was named so after a little puppet I had ) :D HagEr, is the teasing nickname Evaluna uses for and this is the only case I accept it from her.. because I name her so as well! :p hmm.. for dad I'm "Zebla so3'yra" then "Zebla kbeera"…lol what a "zebla" (which already means something small ) be "Kbeera"..! lol There are also " el m3lem shar," 3agar(Niveen's creations), goga, gogty ( one of childishness and possession lol) , and also googish
*If someone I'm used from using a constant nickname, once that one uses my real name "Hagar"..I get to this means something is wrong, really wrong! LOL it really freaks me out at times..especially if I know the way that person calls me!
* So, does the simple name "Hagar" bear all such derivations?! :D and I'll leave it to my friends to pick the name they like calling me with...Overall, I love them all :)!
*P.s. this post was inspired by Batoot's post of her hilarious nicknames :D


No Fear said...

السلام عليكم
كل سنة و أنت طيبة

Frustrated said...

Kalam gameel kalam ma32ol ma2darsh a2ool 7aga 3anoh:) bas ana 3andi e3terad 3ala gomal wa7da: YOU HATE DOCTORS!!!!!! enti 2ad el kelma di?

كلمات said...

أنا اتلخبطت
طب إنتي مين طيب؟
إنتي بالنسبة لي.. هـــــــــــــاجــــــــــــــــــر





dandana said...

طيب تكملة للهطل بقى
خلى بالك من جوجو
جوجو النوجو كاوانوجو
عجبتنى أوى

البوست كله إحتفالية جميلة باسمك
وبكل الناس اللى إبتكرولك دلع

ممكن نجمع بين إبى
ويبقى "إبيجو"
كدا كرهتينى

Anonymous said...

نسيتى اسم
ولا ايه
كل الالقاب جميله
*على فكره تعدد الاسماء اللى ناس بتناديكى بيها هتفيد جدا فى قضيتك بتاعت قتل الساحرة الشريره
هيدوروا كتير وهيتوهو بين الاسماء وفى الاخر هتتسجل ضد مجهول
فاكره انتى العملاء السريين فى الاستخبارات وزعماء المافيا بيكون ليهم اسماء كتير ومختلفه "اسم حركى يعنى"مش
بقولك والله انتى كبيره من يومك
خدى معاكى الحته ام روحين
و وتاويها وادينى رنه

ahmEd_H said...

N'gugu ... 3ab2ry

Google :D wow awl mara a3rafoo da

lol i love " zebla kebira " lol ezay zebla we kebira sa7e7 :D

Gooooog zarif

Epi 7elw bardoo

Meshmesh el asly .. r u kiddin me :D

sweet post !!

Ma 3lina said...

Lol u reminded me wiz batto s post

very nice one and I luv ur epitah nick more :)

Happy Eid

Epitaph1987 said...

No Fear,
وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله
وانت طيب وبالصحة والسلامة يا رب

e7em! 3ala ra2y kazem el saher "ELA ANTY" :D la ya fandem dol el ashrar el tanyeen ely maskeen el 7o2na leya 3shan mabshrbsh el labn el sob7! :D enta el 7elw el exception tab3an! *miss ya*

انا الميلامين
جامد ومتين
وانتي مونمونتي
و"مانتي" - دلع مامتي
و "بنتوتي" الصغنونة برضه
بس اغلبها مانتي مانتي

يا سلللللااااام كلام جامد جدا
اضفتي لاسماءي يعني
الله يخليكي :DDD

يا باشا كدة ح نروح ورا الشمس
كلمة السر ايه؟! ههههه
الكبيرة بتحكي الردالة وتقولهم الامن مستتب
تعيش يا باشا
ح اقتله واديك رنة

m3rfsh ezay "zebla kbeera" but 'am so! :DDD
malo b2a "mesh mesh el asly"!?? :D

ma 3alina
yeah..she's the one who inspired me looool :D battou hya qa2ed el 7amla! :D
thanks sweets! kol sana wenty tyba!

Om HAGAR said...

Hagar is the most loveable name in my world not only becuase I love you, he he heeeeeeeeeee but also becuase my sweet daughter is named Hagar.

most of your nicknames are hers too but there is a namethat I didn't found in your list which we call her with when she makes naughty actions "Gogz"

with my love to you

Hagar msh HagEr :p said...

mabda2eyan... bas ya HagEr!
w ba3dein I can add some more nicknames to your list...
khoddy 3andek:
- Gagaa
- Gagar
- Hugz
- Hugzy
- Hugo
- Hugo boss
- Hawhaw
- Gargeer/ Gargeera
- Goura
- Geer/ Geara
- Gargoura
... kefaya keda
some of these are pretty special btw, so you should be flattered I'm sharing :p