Friday, August 26, 2011

Evacuation: Hurricane Irene!

So, I've been asked to evacuate my accommodation today for Hurricane Irene! Depressed as hell..for not knowing how it will be like ( I dunno what to expect ..I dunno what a hurricane is synonymous with for God's sake!)..I just had to leave!

I packed some clothes, my important favourite valuable stuff..(not valuable by money.. but valuable by closeness)..asked God to protect us..and left for a city nearby but more into the west.

It was crazy leaving the room..and putting stuff into the drawers in case water would come and flood everything else :DDD (I dunno what a hurricane will be like!) Should I expect broken windows, water..lost stuff..I really dunno!

I just packed and left..and my city was suffering from a very foggy, depressing sky...heavy rain..and very strong wind that's gonna blow trees down.

Hurricane Irene..please give us a break! I really dunno what to expect in the very long days awaiting me!!

Allah yostor
The Photos are for the angry weather of my city..before I traveled and left it


Anonymous said...

lots of duaa..rabena ysallem

Anonymous said...

I thought of u when I watched the news :( Are u ok sis? Is it going to be safe where u are tomorrow noon?
tameneena 3aleeki..

Epitaph1987 said...


I'm fine alhamdulelah! I don't go it's just heavy rain and strong wind! and it's safer to stay indoors..which what I was doing all day!

Your prayers are what keep us safe! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

ma tghebeesh elyomeen dool 3ashan ma netkhaddesh
alhamdo le allah :)

Ghafari said...

LoL lelsob7. lakhma awy :D :P
bs hatrga3y wa7sh lol

يا مراكبي said...

ألف سلامة وأهو عدّى على خير

المهم أنا ملاحظ إنك من ساعة ما رحتي أمريكا وإنتي بتكتبي كل البوستس بالفرنساوي ونسيتي العربي


لو مش عربي مش هقراه بعد كده


Anonymous said...

Irene and the photo of your campus suggests that you are in Virginia, ... William and Mary I guess ... that is a famous campus there ..

I hope are safe and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and to finish your Masters or PhD or whatever you came for with the greatest success. Happy Eid Al-Iftar too.

Epitaph1987 said...

am fine alhamdulelah, don't worry, everything is back to normal alhamdulelah :)

niaahhaaa :D ana gadaaa3

يا مراكبي
ملهاش علاقة بأمريكا..قد ماليها علاقة بالحتة اللي فيا ..ساعات اما بعوز احكي..بتقلب معايا انجليزي :D

yes that's true! Good Rermark :)) Thank you for wishes and sweet greetings :))