Thursday, October 14, 2010

!كرمالي..نيناتنا منعرف شو صار

Dear Little Flower that has withered,

You've lost your petals, if you didn't notice. You're all alone out there, in a burnt down meadow! It's a desert.. vast desert now, and you just lie there motionless. Can't you see the rainbow has left, the skies are all foggy and are no longer blue, even the green has escaped!!Colours are gone, and you just stay there.... all alone! The earth beneath you is all cracked and dry that promises no life. It doesn't rain anymore...and everything else just died! You're so pale, lost your green leaves... just a stem left , and a bud..and few withered petals still hanging on to you. The roots have been plucked, one after the other... however, your last remains still cause much disruption in the soul. Every storm has taken a part of you and left for good.. Every wind shook harshly your standing stem... why are you still there then?!!

Dear Little Flower that has withered, please decay.. you have already died if you didn't notice.

Die...let your ashes be swept away... carried far, far away by the wind... and I promise you,'ll be resurrected.




Title : from Fayrouz's song "Eh fi aml"

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