Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Things 'am dying for in the very short coming days, weeks, or ..Ok.. Months!!:

1- To Know (I'd pay my life for a glimpse at a crystal ball!)

2- To Decide (and to trust my judgement, senses, and mind!)

3- To have Fayrouz's new album (I want her kind of HOPE!).

4- 2010 to freaking end (if possible, make it end NOW!).

5- To have a clear vision (I wanna SEE!)

6- To dare and learn driving b2a (It's SCARY! It's still SCARY!)

7- To study HARDER (Clock is counting!!).

8- To be on good terms with the few things that did hurt me before (Like Ali El 7aggar!).

9- To fully regain Belief (Magic will still exist!).

10- To be ME (and accept it).




(Pleaaaaaaaaase, Can I have those soon b2a?!)


the girl in the mirror said...

أنا تقريبا حلمت بالمدونة بتاعتك امبارح .. وكويس انى جيت

أحب أضم صوتى لصوتك فى كل اللى كتبتيه

والبوست اللى بعد ده .. حبيته أوى

Epitaph1987 said...

خير اللهم اجعله خير

وحشني زيارتك