Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shattered Pieces!

Only Now...when the hysterical laughter faded...I realised I've been through the most mortifying experience!!

Marginal Notes:

-I was not in control...I was thrown into this alone!
-The easiest thing is to blame me...rather than trying to understand me!
-They've let me down, and couldn't confront me...!
-It's easier to leave me alone, than stand by my side!
-They were stupid, senseless and inconsiderate!
-I hate to be robbed of my grounds..and this what has happened!
-How come I be in such a situation?!
-What's the meaning? What's the message?!
-How Come I don't have to say yes or no, to choose, to agree or disapprove!
-Never put me in "amr el waqe3"...I hate to be helpless..I was helpless!
- I was alone; I am alone!
-Some people are not interested to hear it all; they just listen to what they care for, and shut off the rest and leave you hurt!
-As usual, you gave up on me!!