Sunday, May 26, 2013


اليأس خيانة
It has been recurring in my mind for the past couple of days. I dunno if this is the most scary phase of my life..or just the same tremendous fear. It just doesn't matter..I'm scared. And I think that my soul is calmly surrendering to that fear as if in preparation. I know it's killing, I know I should keep on praying and having faith..but, I already lost belief. I do not have the power to see the light; I do believe in the existence of Light, but..can't believe it can happen? I dunno how it could be described..I lost belief in miracles..I want them to happen..but I am not sure if they ever will. I'm scared..I know I am. My soul is being vanquished every single gets eclipsed. It just caves in. My mind does not have mercy either.. and I am not sure what should I believe in anymore...

اليأس خيانة..
I know..
but it already has part of my soul..How can you be the well of strength when you're surrendering to the dementors?

اليأس خيانة
What if..all of this is just a mere warning?!
What if all that disturbing feeling in your just delusional?!
*More Pain!*

اليأس خيانة
اليأس خيانة
اليأس خيانة
I often remind myself.. yet how do you fight loss of hope when you do not know how anymore? ..when you actually lost sight of hope/light/magic/belief/faith?

How do you actually all?!

*ما الذي يسلب الروح ألوانها؟ ما الذي- غير قصف الغزاة- أصاب الجسد؟*
-مريد البرغوثي، رأيت رام الله-


يا مراكبي said...

ما نقدرش نمنعك تعيشي اللحظات المظلمة دي .. لأننا شخصيا بنعيشها برضه

المهم هو اليقين في: الكمال لله وحده

والدنيا دار شقاء في أغلب أيامها

ده العادي يعني

بس كده

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