Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Some memories just come by to keep pushing to the surface. I dunno why. I just feel these have to be let out.

A Year ago:

On the 24th of December, we left Orlando,Florida, after enjoying the Christmas spirit there, taking our final lift with the cab driver who we met on our first day of our short visit. Took the plane to Washington D.C., arriving in the evening, then going to the greyhound station, awaiting for a while for a very late bus to take us to NYC arriving at the very first hour of Christmas day. An Egyptian cab driver noticed we are Egyptians, and took us along to our hostel. NYC seemed very quiet and dark at that time, no good impression then. The hostel was catastrophic, that the receptionist almost told us not to stay there. Indeed, we couldn't stay there by any means, but it was Christmas times and no reservations possible, especially for a low budget. Had to call back Walid, the Egyptian cab driver to try to pick us up in search for a good place. My friend started her contacts, and found a room available in a more proper hotel, with somehow a reasonable price; we had no other option, we just went. Walid noticed how panicking we were, waited for me till I checked the hotel and the availability, all was fine,  and bid him farewell. My first night in NYC was not a good start, but better days would ensue.

P.S.The map has the red and green arrows to show the journey.

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