Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In a Parallel World..

Once Upon a Time, a Boy named Sosuke, found a small, orange Magical Fish!
Ponyo, she is!

and decided to take care of her!

She was crazy...But he loved her

But Soon, they'll get lost from each other..

Ponyo..will sink into the deep, deep blue sea away from Sosuke..

But She won't give up!

Ponyo fights & fights.. and lets the Magic rule..

Amd Sosuke just hopes!

and the miracle happens...

Run, Ponyo, Run...

They Meet Again!

"I found Sosuke, I found Sosuke," and she joyfully jumped and jumped!

They were together..and that what mattered!


She just found joy with him..


They had their own adventure..
And he always knew the way..
and they never departed, no matter what!

But Ponyo is sick, she's losing her magical power!!
Yet Sosuke does not give up on her this time..

They go to the Mother of the Ocean, and she tells him: Ponyo will just be human, she won't be magical anymore.

Sosuke says: "Still, I'll always love her!"

Ponyo doesn't wait..The Magical kiss resolves it all!And Magic happens!

Ponyo♥ Sosuke!


Pics from the movie, Ponyo

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